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AssignLink is an Online Planner for the Entire School Community
Accessible, easy to use,
and designed for everyone.

AssignLink is a powerful online school planner that drastically reduces the time spent managing homework and planning for school. With its one of a kind visual timeline, AssignLink draws together every assignment and assessment a student has into a simple, easy-to-use format.

On one page and within one click, AssignLink can act as a planner, organizer, or a communication tool for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

AssignLink is also cloud based so everyone in your school community can access AssignLink from anywhere, and on any device.
Never get blindsided by school work with The Timeline
The Timeline is specially designed so students can always stay on top of their school work.
1-2 Week by Week and Monthly Navigation
The Timeline allows users to easily jump back and forth in time to view past and upcoming work. Using the weekly and monthly navigation, a student can view upcoming work to plan accordingly or reference past assignments. For teachers, this is a fast and efficient tool that allows them to quickly add and view assignments and assessments.
3 Timeline Entries
Entries are shown as colored blocks on The Timeline. Assignments are blue, assessments are orange, projects are purple, and meetings are green. Teachers can plan out an entire week’s schedule by adding entries which will show up on The Timeline of the students. Users can click on any entry to get a full description and show file attachments.
4 Entries Marked as Complete
Students and teachers can mark The Timeline entries as complete. Completed entries appear faded on The Timeline. For students, this is a great feature that provides the personal satisfaction of getting their work done and for teachers, it serves as a simple organizational tool for tracking preparation of assignments/tests/etc.
5 Adding Entries
Any teacher or leader of a class or activity can add entries to The Timeline. All they have to do is click on the plus icon next to the name of the page and enter all the pertinent details. Once done, the entry will immediately show up on The Timeline of each enrolled student. Entries can also be updated or deleted once posted, if necessary.
The Timeline is fast and easy to use.

We designed AssignLink to be extremely fast and easy to use. Thanks to The Timeline's intuitive and simple interface, a student can access their work up to four times faster than other online homework solutions.

We also wanted to make AssignLink very quick to learn. That’s why we provided the same consistent view of The Timeline interface for students, teachers, parents, and tutors alike. This simplifies the learning process and ensures that there is always peer support.
Optimize student workload and decrease stress with SmartAssign
SmartAssign is an intelligent conflict evaluation system that shows a teacher the best days to give a test.
Intelligent scheduling is the key to reducing stress

When a teacher wants to add an assessment to The Timeline, AssignLink will analyze the workloads of students in the class to determine which are the best days to give the assessment. A "conflict rating" with a scale from 1 to 10 will be calculated for each day and shown in a month view. Teachers can click on any day to get more detailed information including which students have conflicts so they can send a message to the students and make alternative testing arrangements.

When every teacher in the school uses SmartAssign, you can be assured that students won't get overstressed and will perform at their best.

And There's a Whole Lot More!
With loads of useful features for the entire community, AssignLink is the best online school planning solution.
Here's just a few more reasons why we think you'll love AssignLink
Real Time Notifications
Finally!!! No more excuses from students saying they did not know that their homework got posted. With real time notifications, students are immediately notified when a teacher adds or updates an assignment or assessment. This ensures that students are always up to date with class work and makes teachers happy to know that the information has reached all the students.
Messaging for the Entire Community
AssignLink has a powerful and fast messaging tool built right in! Students can message teachers or fellow students with questions about homework, teachers can message individual students or their entire class, parents can message teachers with any questions they may have, and administrators can message anyone in the community - including an entire grade!
Hosted in the Cloud
AssignLink is a 100% cloud based service so you don't have to download, install, configure, or update anything. Your school's data is stored securely on our servers and we take all the necessary security measures to ensure account integrity and privacy. We also have a 99.99% uptime guarantee for maximum reliability. All this ensures that the school stays focused on the learning while we handle all the details.
Here's what some of our users are saying about AssignLink
"Because of AssignLink, not only do I feel less stressed out about my workload, but I also feel more calm and collected. Unlike my paper-written scribbles, I know there is no way I can lose my assignments now!"
10th Grade Student
"AssignLink has simply become my go to place for all assignments and assessments. In my busy academic and extracurricular life, it truly is comforting to know that I can come home after a long day and have all of my assignments right there in full detail."
11th Grade Student
"It is an extremely convenient resource whenever you have a sick day."
10th Grade Student
"AssignLink is probably one of the few reasons why my homework gets completed each night. It is beyond useful and is very easy to use. The format is simple and not overwhelming. I love AssignLink and all the organizational help it has given me!"
12th Grade Student
"AssignLink is very easy to navigate, to enter homework assignments, and to make changes. The controls are intuitive, and I know the delivery of the proper homework assignment is just a click away."
High School History Teacher
"AssignLink is a helpful link between teacher, student, and parents. It can be a way for everyone to be on the same page and create clear expectations for everyone surrounding the daily tasks of the class. It is great for student who miss class and need to stay in the loop. It is an important piece of making my class work smoothly."
High School English Teacher
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